Saturday, 15 August 2009

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

What is this Squidoo ?

Squidoo is the popular publishing platform and community that makes it easy for you to create "lenses" online.

Lenses are pages, kind of like flyers or signposts or overview articles, that gather everything you know about your topic of interest – and snap it all into focus.

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It's a super simple, fun and powerful way to share your interests, build your online identity and credibility, and connect with new readers and friends. It's all free, and you could even earn a royalty for charity or yourself

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similarly, there is this

Associated content
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Survey completed

Shri swami samartha

Today I have completed 3 surveys from
Lightspeed Panel Survey
total points earned : 80+110 = 190 light speed credits.
I dont know know what to do withese points.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

News ! I have got Squidoo

this is my first Squidoo lens
just enjoy:

this is a different concept.
I am quite excited about it.

Publishing of the story

Do you know this ?
I am quite excited to realize this.
My stories at Bukisa have been simulteneously published at

How ?
Its very very simple.

Just look at this link to believe for yourself

Have you Read my article on ?
Now , if you have time ,why not also see another article ?

There is more excitement.

From, this content has been directly linked to

Face book and also on my Twitter accounts.
Is it not amazing ?

New concept learnt

You need to just visit on this link.
this shall take you to one web site, which shall publish your link for free
is it true ?

What is the price we need to pay ?
Nothing at all.
Just place their link on our blog.
This is a give and take offer.

Right ?
Are you ready ?
Here is the link