Saturday, 15 August 2009

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

What is this Squidoo ?

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welcome to the constant content
You can publish your own articles here
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similarly, there is this

Associated content
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Survey completed

Shri swami samartha

Today I have completed 3 surveys from
Lightspeed Panel Survey
total points earned : 80+110 = 190 light speed credits.
I dont know know what to do withese points.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

News ! I have got Squidoo

this is my first Squidoo lens
just enjoy:

this is a different concept.
I am quite excited about it.

Publishing of the story

Do you know this ?
I am quite excited to realize this.
My stories at Bukisa have been simulteneously published at

How ?
Its very very simple.

Just look at this link to believe for yourself

Have you Read my article on ?
Now , if you have time ,why not also see another article ?

There is more excitement.

From, this content has been directly linked to

Face book and also on my Twitter accounts.
Is it not amazing ?

New concept learnt

You need to just visit on this link.
this shall take you to one web site, which shall publish your link for free
is it true ?

What is the price we need to pay ?
Nothing at all.
Just place their link on our blog.
This is a give and take offer.

Right ?
Are you ready ?
Here is the link

Monday, 10 August 2009

Welcome ! First referral on Bukisa

UK Business Directory

Welcome my friend
Akhil ji Tiwari
I think I know him since 2005
I met him on Orkut

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my home page !

I am really glad to meet you here.

May I now take the liberty to express my thoughts ?

Who else can better understand and appreciate my work than you ?

I have gone through your profile and am really impressed by your expertise and achievements.

I am a novice when compared to you. I am quite overwhelmed to have you appraise my work .

May I pray to you to kindly lend me your attention ?

Be my first reader.

Be my first critique.

I shall be awaiting for your critical remarks and suggestions about my works.

Friends, this web profile shall provide you a valuable insight about who am I and about my modest achievements .

My Web profile

In case you have a curiousity as to what sort of tasks I undertake on the web, this is my web site for your perusal:

My Web site

And finally, in case you have some more time for me, may I request you to kindly have a look at some of my literary work :

1.Self Improvement

2.Journey to Leeds (UK)

3.How to have a free Web site

So keep visiting.

Thank you so much for the your kind visit .

I am quite obliged to you for the precious time spent here

have a nice time.



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Welcome aboard

The objective of this blog is :
Compiling information, processing, thinking .Analysing and deciding the plan of action.
So many sites have been subscribed.Many I dont even remember now .So now there are two ways of working:

1.Decide on a few sites and only work with them each day
2.keep on randomly moving on every site each day
3.Decide a systematic week plan so that a certain web sites are focussed each week

each plan has a different advantage
Now question is , which sites to be focussed upon ?

Its quite important that first I just write down all the names of various programs .In all those programs, I am already a member.But my level of participation is certainly varying in each case.

Thats what I need to decide now.

1. My lot ( posting /responding to discussions)
2. Bukisa ( posting contents )
3. IM report ( posting reviews)
4. ( assignments)
5. neobux ( paid to click )
6. clixsense ( paid to click )
7. clickbank ( paid to click )
8. snapdollars ( paid to click )
9 .M turk ( assignments)
10.bestworksite (affilaite web site) automoney ( forex trading)
12.scavengercash ( posting /responding to discussions)
13.propellormail ( posting web links to articles)
15.postgoldforum ( posting /responding to discussions)
16.wordlinx ( paid to click )
17.share a pic ( sharing photographs)
18.affiliate site x (affilaite web site) cubez .com
20.dollar monitor (affilaite web site
21.facebook (socializing, not paying site)
22.orkut (socializing, not paying site)
23.twitter (socializing, not paying site)
24.ava fx ( forex trading)

What is my natural liking ?

1 .My lot ( posting /responding to discussions)
2. Bukisa ( posting contents )
3. ( assignments)
4 .M turk ( assignments) automoney ( forex trading)
6.ava fx ( forex trading)

What is the status of my referrals ?

Right now I dont have even a single referral.
so I cannot really leverage my work.

So what actions do I need to take get more referrals ?

So how do I decide as to where to concentrate ?
1 .My lot ( posting /responding to discussions):
Already working here since 2006.Have 1273 posts to my credit.
Current earnings are £2.14
So what shall be my plan here ?
I need to decide
2. Bukisa ( posting contents ):
This is a program where my earnings can be multiplied through multiple readers.
This is where the earnings can have a residual effect.
Already written 2 articles which have been published.
There is an earning of $0.02
(through the readership of these articles)
need to focus on:
1.Creating quality content
2.Referring these articles to my various contacts
3. ( assignments)
4 .M turk ( assignments) automoney ( forex trading)
6.ava fx ( forex trading)